Complexity Simplified

50 million Americans remain uninsured and more are underinsured. The current system is based simply on an approval/denial determination without providing educational assistance to families to help them qualify.

A “Transitional Plan” is essential to maintaining personal dignity and financial health as more than 35% of Americans who are 65+ will develop a disability requiring care in the home or institutional care.

National Eligibility Solutions (NES) believes there is great opportunity to serve families and assist nursing homes nationwide in this highly complex Medicaid arena.

We’re here to answer your questions.

Transitional Plans

Is my retirement safe if my spouse has an extended nursing home stay? Will we lose the house? How can I still leave a legacy for my children? An NES “Transitional Plan” helps individuals answer these questions when faced with a disabled child or spouse. Learn more…

No Gap in Payment

How can we ensure payment for our long-term care services? How do we reduce our Medicaid pending? How do we raise our occupancy rate while reducing collections? With our “No Gap in Payment” guarantee, NES helps commercial clients answer these questions to ensure funding that is compliant with Medicaid and Medicare rules. Learn more…

Meeting the Industry Challenge

What systems can we put in place to build efficiencies in the Medicaid and Medicare application process? How can we train our employees in all facets of program eligibility and compliance? How can we best serve veterans with long-term healthcare needs? With decades of experience in the fields of disability benefits, finance, and healthcare, NES is dedicated to building healthy relationships among consumers, nursing homes, and government. Learn more…